It’s never too cold for ice cream

Besides the usual, west side offers some delicious treats


Melanie Bonilla, staff writer

Ice cream is one of those treats that is good it has to have two days dedicated to it. The first day dedicated to ice cream is usually around the middle of July while the second day is December 13, this coming Wednesday.

  There are many popular Ice Cream places here in Indianapolis, with the popular ones like Dairy Queen, Culvers, and Cold Stone familiar to almost everyone.

So we have decided to focus on the smaller yet delicious Hispanic businesses here in Indy.

One is called Danny’s Mexican Ice cream, now this shop is located 7730 E US  Highway 36, now their ice cream is very homemade. You guys should really go try it out.  Another shop is called Delicias Jalisco, it is located in 3851 Georgetown Rd, they not only have ice cream they have a lot of generic foods from Mexico. All Ice creams are freshly made. Here are some pictures.     .