National Dog Day

August 26th is a special day for dogs

National Dog Day

Krupa Patel

August 26th is a special day for dogs. National Dog Day was founded in 2004 by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert. This day is for the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year from the different animal shelters. National dog day is not only about rescuing these dogs but it’s also about honoring the dogs that have saved lives, helped the disabled, and just dogs that have been helpful in any aspect. On National Dog Day people in the community are encouraged to make donations to their local rescue shelter, or dog shelter. And even if you can’t rescue a dog or make donations on National Dog Day try to volunteer at your local rescue shelter. Many of these animal shelters run off of volunteers.

Lauren Wyatt This dog’s name is Lilly, Lauren has had her for two years, she’s a mutt but she’s Laurens best friend.
Julia Jones dog Tank is four, Julia got him when he was just 7 months old. He is Julia’s first dog, he’s an American Bully. “What I love about him is that he is like a big baby, people tend to have the wrong idea about pit bulls and I love to prove them wrong for me there is no other best type they are loyal, protective playful, goofy and loving.”
Debbie Davidson’s dog Kenzie is a three-year-old mini-dachshund. “What I like best about our dogs is they are fun, loving, and entertaining”
Debbie Davidson’s Dog Grace is a nine-year-old Weimaraner. “What I like best about our dogs is they are fun, loving, and entertaining.”


Marci Theobald’s dogs two dogs, Rachel and Obadiah. Rachel is a rescue dog they’ve had for 5 years, and Obadiah came to them last October. “Rachel is very obedient. We love to take her to the beach and watch her chase birds and swim in the ocean. Her middle name is Breeze because she is extremely fast. Obie is a loverboy and a Momma’s boy. He wants to show everyone love. He loves to snuggle. He acts as if it’s his job to love you. We walk our dogs on the main street in Speedway daily. They are the “dogs about town” and greet everyone they see, usually with kisses.”
Allen Kale’s Dog Bear is a two-year-old golden retriever. “I love coming home to my dog and seeing how happy he is that I am home.”
Jason David’s dog Wrigley is a Yorkshire Terrier Mix, David has had him for one year. ” Wrigley is always excited to see me when I get home from school and loves to stand on his hind legs and jump up for a hug. He is also the best couch buddy in the world!”