So what year is the hardest?

Opinions vary as to how difficult each year of school becomes


Candice Moedano

Students in Cara Owens’ art class work on projects.

When you first start high school, it is a lot to handle.

Learning how to get to your classes, learning how to understand a lesson in 45 min, it can be frustrating at first.

If you think it will get easier then you are probably wrong. High school only gets harder, understanding which path to take to get to your classes gets easier, but that’s about it.

There is always a debate on what year of high school people think it the hardest year. Of course as a student, you will always say that the year you are going through at the time is the hardest, but depending on what classes you take and how you manage your time, there are different answers.

Even adults that graduated from high school years ago have answers from their experiences.

The transition from 9th grade from Ben Davis Junior High to the Ben Davis High School was the most difficult year for me as a student.  It would be comparable to some extent as 9th graders transition to the high school from the 9th grade center. You have to learn a new routine and re-establish yourself,” said Mike Horning, a counselor at Ben Davis.

When it comes to the high school, your classes are all over the place, but in the ninth grade center your classes are remotely in the area of each other, just like in middle school.

“I feel the hardest year of high school is the junior year,” said counselor Jamika Jones, herself a BD grad. “This is the time that students are submitting transcripts to colleges, making sure that you are on track for your diploma choice, and making decisions on what is next after high school.”

Jones also remembers her junior year as a year of firsts.

“The junior year is packed with new experiences as many are going to the the prom for the first time and taking ACT and SAT,” aid Jones, a graduate of Ben davis. “Many students are starting to drive and gain employment as well. There are so many new and exciting things to experience, as wall as maintain good grades.”

There are many different opinions as to what year is hardest, although most students say all the years are the hardest and they can’t wait to be done with school.