Cinco de Mayo has different meanings

Margiory Valle

Cinco de Mayo marks a very important day to Mexican heritage. Held on May 5 every year, the significance of Cinco de Mayo was to celebrate the Mexican victory over french forces on May 5, 1862.

Although it isn’t a federal holiday in the United States, the Mexican holiday has risen in popularity in the states over the years. Now becoming associated with the celebration of Mexican-American culture and achievements.

It’s a day to celebrate the culture and experiences of people with Mexican backgrounds. Festivals, parades, and events are held in honor of celebrating this holiday, with it now being a major American festival. The celebrations draw thousands of Mexicans and non-Mexicans together to celebrate.

Although Cinco de Mayo celebrations are bigger in places like Los Angeles and El Paso, Indianapolis also has events scattered around the city. Even if you don’t go to any event, stopping by an authentic Mexican restaurant is a nice way to partake in the holiday.

When asking BD students how they celebrate Cinco de Mayo, they had similar responses. Junior Brianna Gonzales said, “For Cinco de Mayo I usually go to a small festival with my family or I just go out to eat with them. It’s just nice to spend time together and celebrate my culture.”

Senior, Stephanie de la Rosa said, “I usually just have a small get together with my family, we don’t really do as much as we used to but we still like acknowledging the holiday.”

“Even though my family doesn’t really celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I still think it’s important remember. I think it’s super cool how popular it’s gotten in the United states,” junior Elsa Valenzuela said.

Diversity is a big part of Ben Davis and the United States. Learning about different cultures can be super interesting and exciting. Leading to wonderful experiences, and giving you the opportunity to learn and meet many wonderful people, and possibly even opening doors.  Which is why it’s important to celebrate other cultures and embrace your own.