A social media comic artist

Amanda Donahoe tells an ongoing comic story on Instagram

A social media comic artist

Amanda Donahoe got serious about drawing in 6th grade. First inspired by art websites and movies, she continues to sketch her stories and post them on Instagram.

Her main character, Lutz, is a boy who was accidentally turned into a human time-machine by his father. Donahoe’s cartoons illustrate his story along with others in a colorful world of fiction.

Donahoe started drawing because she wanted a hobby and because she is a “Disney freak.” Donahoe gets ideas for characters from people she sees walking around and from inside her head. Donahoe is not involved in any art classes or clubs. She has collaborated with friends before, but she said this project is an “on my own sort of thing.”

Donahoe has thought about becoming a professional animator, and says she will definitely keep doing it on the side if it doesn’t work out. She will be attending Olivet Nazarene University next year with a major in pre-med. She aspires to be a surgeon.