The more pets the better

The importance of pet adoption

Whether it’s a dog or cat, many of us have pets that are part of our families. Even those who don’t have pets may want to have one in the future.

Reasons for having or wanting pets range from the desire for home security to simply wanting a loyal companion. Choosing the right pet for you can be challenging, but what might be equally important as what pet you select is where you choose to get your pet.

For some, the logical place to go to get a pet is a pet store or a breeder. While both of these choices are often fine, they also have their downsides. For example, some pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills. Puppy mills are operations set up just to breed dogs in a factory like setting for sale.

The dogs are often kept in small cages and forced to breed in an unhealthy environment. Not only is this a difficult life for these animals, the environment can also create health problems for the dogs who are sold to pet stores. These puppies look healthy at first but slowly start to get sick.

Similarly, while there are many reputable dog breeders, others simply breed animals as often as possible in order to generate a greater income for themselves.

While not all pet stores get dogs from puppy mills and there are reputable breeders, there are some better options. Places like the Humane Society or other local animal shelters are a great way to find an animal and give it a loving home.

Many of these animals have had a hard past and this is their second chance. These organizations will spay or neuter the animals before adopting them out and also perform physical exams to ensure the animals are healthy.

Plus, animals adopted from shelters helps reduce the population for unwanted pets. Best of all, adopting a pet from a shelter or the Humane Society is often less expensive than buying a pet from a store or breeder.

Wherever you may decide to get your pet from, there are always some challenges when adopting a pet. If you already have pets, you need to make sure they will get along with a new addition to the family.

Also don’t get over your head. Be prepared to take care of an animal for the long haul and research the best animal for you. Many people get pets when the animals are young and later abandon them when they get too big. Animals are not accessories; they are living creatures and will need ongoing care and companionship.

If you want to bring another member into your family, consider a shelter to give an animal a wonderful new start to life. If you’re not in the market for a new family member but still want to help animals, volunteers at shelters and the Humane Society are always welcomed if they meet the age requirements.

Here are some local shelters and places to go:

  • Humane Society of Indianapolis
  • Southside Animal Shelter
  • Hendricks Country Animal Shelter
  • Misty Eyes Animal Shelter