What a stitch

New club features the fine art of knitting

The Knitwits is a knitting club recently started by English teacher Lauren Howey.

“I love knitting and I was talking to Ms. Smith (the library volunteer) about knitting and we decided to start a club,” Howey said. “I spoke to my classes to see if there was interest and there was.”

Howey’s interest in knitting began early.

“I learned to knit in seventh grade because of my religion and my music teacher, Mrs. Nichols, taught an elective about it.  I will never forget that class and I have always wanted to share this art with kids,” Howey said.

So what does this club do?

“We learn a new skill every meeting so students are coming to learn sewing, crochet, embroidery etc. and many students have also taught skills.  Teaching and learning are the roles of every member,” Howey said.

They are looking for new ways to do more activities with their knitting club.

“We are currently brainstorming some projects or a sale of our work for the future. Our next meeting we will be learning some embroidery.  Our members will also bring current projects,” Howey said.

Luz Cruz, the Knitwits president, shared her favorite part of being in the club

“Getting to know each other better, it’s a small group but you do,” Cruz said.

Overall, the club sounds like a great family of people who love how to knit. The club meets every Tuesday after school in the library. Meetings – actually, knitting – end by 4:30 p.m.

“We just get excited about making something from hand.  Crochet, needlework, knitting and sewing are forms of art that can be quite fulfilling.  I find a lot of peace from this creative expression and I hope that our members do as well,” Howey said.

“It’s an art and it’s really relaxing and it’s a good hobby to do when you’re bored,” Cruz said.