The perfect gift

Valentine’s Day DIY present ideas

Valentine’s Day gifts do not have to be expensive or fancy. All that matters is that the gifts are thoughtful. Here are a couple of gift ideas to show your love one how much you care.


Valentines gift idea 1: Personalized Mug

Supplies needed: A mug and any art supplies

Preparation: Get a plain mug any color. Decorate it as much as you want.


Valentines gift idea 2:  A Personalized Collage

Supplies needed: A poster board and lots of pictures/a smartphone.

Preparation: You could get a poster board and just glue pictures of you and your loved ones on the poster, if you want you could cut the pictures up into shapes and decorate it with many things like colored paper, stickers, sharpies etc.

You could also make a virtual collage using a free app called Pic Collage. Instead of making a collage you could make a slideshow with another free app called Flipagram. You choose the pictures then add the music. These two options are easier if you don’t have a lot of time for the pictures you could just use the ones saved on your phone.


Valentines gift idea 3: 365 Love Notes

Supplies needed: Writing utensil, paper, and any container (jar preferred)

Preparation: You get 365 pieces of paper, you write a nice note on each paper. Fold the papers and then place into the container. You do not have to do exactly 365, you can do enough notes for just a week, month ,or however many you want to make.


These are a few easy, cheap, and last minute gift ideas that are creative and thoughtful.