An alumni still shines bright

A feature on alumni Taylor Adams


When we think about leaving Ben Davis, it is hard to tell where we go from there. Most of us have a plan and follow it through. However, others have no idea and live on winging it.

One alumni that has truly outdone herself is Taylor Adams who graduated from Ben Davis in 2009. While she was here, she was involved in basketball, volleyball and track. She was a co-editor, and BDTV, where she was an anchor and reporter.

After Ben Davis, she studied telecommunications at Purdue. During college, she met with Carlo Dyaza, an anchor for CNN. There they traveled around Indiana to news networks. From traveling, she found a job at Fox Sports and also got a job at Comcast Spotlight, the official advertisement company for Comcast.

Having one job is enough, but having two is overwhelming to some. Taylor thinks it is a part of her every day routine.

With Fox Sports, she works as a host. Each day she comes up with a cover story and feature to present. With that comes the responsibility of finding the athlete to feature, editing it, and picking out the music to go along with it.

The story about Comcast is quite interesting. It started with BDTV teacher Dennis Goins introducing the Emma Bowen Foundation. The Emma Bowen Foundation is to give those who go for minorities in media an internship. This internship is a paying on-the-job training that gets you ready for any media. Taylor, after first applying, did not get the position that she wanted. She started out as an executive accountant. There she worked her way into an account planner position where she now writes the scripts for executives for pre-sale items.

An interesting fact about Adams is that she was the Indy 500 queen in 2012. The story starts with her working toward college. From 1st grade, she has been entering pageants and raising money for college. She got interested in the Indy 500 pageant when she heard it was a scholarship founded pageant.

At first she was skeptical, but after a friend’s mom, who also ran the pageant, influenced her to join, she ended up doing so. Out of 420 girls interviewed, she was in the 33 to compete, and the rest is history.

Alumni Adam’s believes that high school is mostly for you to learn more about yourself.

“From freshmen year, I’ve become more determined and focused,” Adams said. “I have also become a little more social thanks to sports. The main thing high school teaches you is that there is more about yourself than what you know. If you have a goal, then high school might change that goal due to your judgment. However, if you wish to stay with that goal, then tell people. The less you tell people about your goals, the more it will hurt you in the long run.”

Adams is a role model to all. With her two jobs and ongoing learning, it is hard to imagine how she stays cool under pressure. However, if you do what you love, then life is a breeze, and for Taylor Adams, it is a whirlwind of potential.