Consider landscaping as a career

Learn how to beautify a lawn and get a green thumb


Connor Branscum, Delano Patton, and Michael Scott discuss their layout.

Landscape management is “the care and maintenance of landscapes and ornamental plantings,” as stated on It is also a class in the Career Center that you should consider taking.

Not only do you have the chance to make new friends, learn new information; “You have the choice to go straight into the Landscaping field, or continue to college, but” Landscaping Management teacher Mark White said.

White has taught for seven years. At first he was kind of torn between Landscaping and teaching while in college, but after his grandpa suggested Ben Davis he thought he should give it a try.

“We are typically in class for one hour, and daily, we do that day’s lesson. Second and third class are out maintaining the school grounds,” White said. “Some of the topics you will cover are Landscape design, management, turf science, greenhouse growing and how to operate a business. “

There are no prerequisites except that you must be a junior or senior, and be ready to learn. The Career Center encourages you to continue on with it if you start junior year, but it isn’t mandatory.

What would you change?

“Nothing really; it’s the perfect combo of book work and hands-on,” junior Mckayla Acton said.

According to Acton they are learning about turfgrass science management, and their next project is hydroponics. Hydroponics is growing plants in liquids, or something else with added nutrients but not soil.

What is the fun part of class?

“Just the everyday enjoyment of my class that my teacher is laidback and humorous, the comedic relief of my teacher,“

Acton said.