Crazy about cases

Students and teachers like to make their phones stand out

Crazy about cases

Dressing up your iPhone in a stylish case has been almost like an addiction for many. You are always sure to find different and cute cases on iPhones no matter if it’s the 4, 4S, or 5. People always find cases for a little more than a dollar on websites like eBay and Amazon which makes this addiction so much more affordable. Some cases stand out more than others and here are some of the must haves if you are looking to make your iPhone stand out in this crowd.

1. Elisabeth Reiger- sophomore

“I liked the bling and Eiffel Tower on it.”

Purchased at Pier 39 in California


2. Mrs. Rotich- French teacher

“Anything shiny I like, and it looks like diamonds.”

Purchased at Dots


3. Haley Runyon- junior

“I like zebra print.”

Purchased on Amazon


4. Marvin Bills- junior

“It looked unique and I like the white on white.”

Purchased on Case-Mate


5. Rosa Bische- sophomore

“I like it because it’s pink camo.”

Purchased at Wal-Mart


6. Diana Garcia- junior

“It protects my phone and it’s cute”

Purchased on eBay


7. Mark Menciano- junior

“I bought the case because it reminded me of ice cream.”

Purchased on eBay


8. Maricruz Laurabaquio- junior

“I like it because it’s like having a mirror on the back.”

Purchased at Aerospatiale