Best thing since the moon landing

Rocket Fizz is a place you must see

Hayden Cohrs, Staff Writer

Rocket Fizz is a franchise of candy stores in the United States. They market a bunch of different types of candies and produces their own line of soda with wild flavors like ranch and bacon.

The newest Rocket Fizz around the Indy area is at The Shops at Perry Crossing. Manager of the shop, Taylor has been working for Rocket Fizz since the downtown area opened up a store in 2012.

“Rocket Fizz is a franchise that started in California in 2007, and there’s over a thousand locations throughout the country, and being here in the mall we get a lot of foot traffic and it’s been a great experience here,” Taylor says. “We have over 600 different sodas dating back to the nineteen hundreds and over two thousand different candies dating back to the early nineteen hundreds.

“So we have a big selection, we have tin signs, gag gifts, concert posters, things you couldn’t even think about, we have. We have Asian imports, European imports, Mexican imports, anything you can think of, we probably have. So, its a lot, a lot of people like to come in for Christmas for stocking stuffers, and gag gifts. It’s a fun place and we like having people in here.”

Since Rocket Fizz is an unique store, it’s super hard to find one that is exactly like it. There’s tons of candy stores in Indiana and all over the world, but nothing is like Rocket Fizz.

“I have heard of a couple stores like us. I’ve heard of one in speedway that’s similar to us, but doesn’t have every type of soda we have and doesn’t have every type of candy.” Taylor told, “We definitely are unique, but of course there are candy stores throughout the country but there’s no candy store like this one.”

It is hard to find a store that sells all the different variety of sodas that Rocket Fizz does.

“No one has the glass bottled soda that you got back in the mid 1900s with wacky flavors. We have grass, dirt, barf soda, sweet corn soda, butter and pickle juice.” Taylor said. ”We have some crazy flavors, but we also have one of the largest selections for root beer, we have over 60 different root beer brands and flavors so that’s pretty cool.”

So if you’re looking for fun gifts, weird sodas or hundreds of different candies, Rocket Fizz is the place to go.