Before the Storm is worth your time

Before the Storm is worth your time

Melody Dyer, staff writer

I played the first Life is Strange game and I really liked it so I decided to buy the prequel, Life is Strange: Before the Storm. 

It’s still a good game, especially with getting to know a character who was deceased in the first one. However, it’s not as cool as the first one without the aspect of time travel.

There are some different features like the ability to choose the clothes you wear and places to draw graffiti. Max had optional photos, and Chloe had optional graffiti. You get achievements for finding the spots you are able to tag. Chloe can also start arguments in which you have to listen to what the opponent says to be able to win each comeback.

This game is as visually aesthetic as the first and even more so in the remastered version. I really love the soundtrack in both games, the creators have good taste. The music with the animation makes the game all around so pretty. This game shows a good representation of what a lesbian couple looks like.

The storyline is entertaining and it gives insight into what Chloe and Rachel were like before her passing. In the first game, you don’t get to see anything but a picture of her so it’s very interesting to get to know a character whose fate has been determined.