The end of an era, or the birth of one?

New album comes with lot of hype

The end of an era, or the birth of one?

Olivia Sayres, staff writer

Over the past week, Melanie Martinez fans have been impatiently waiting for what seems to be a new album. 

Recently, Martinez has posted many teasers for their new album. Some fans would say it’s going to be a fresh start for “Cry Baby”, her alter ego she created to play out fantasies created through her music. 

Martinez has announced that her new album ¨Portals¨’  will be released on March 31. This does seem to have a rebirth theme so I assume that ¨Crybaby¨ may take a different form than what she’s posted on social media.

Her announcement was simple and the build-up was very intriguing.  Her fan base seems very excited about the twist in the “Crybaby” and Melanie Martinez world.

All I know is that I am super excited for this new album to make it to us. This is great for Melanie and the start of a new era for her. She deserves all the support and good things coming to her with the album.