Stay with All Our Broken Pieces


Jordynn Kitson, staff writer

 All Our Broken Pieces is about a young girl named Lennon Davis. Lennon suddenly moves to California because of an accident her mother had that caused her to pass away.


So Lennon moved in with her dad, stepmom, step-sister, and younger brother. Lennon was diagnosed with OCD when she was young. She does things in a pattern of five.


On Lennon’s first day of school, she meets Kyler Benton and they are forced to do a project together. Kyler has burns on half of his body. They meet and slowly get closer.


When I read this book, at first it was sort of boring, but the tiny mysterious details really hooked me into reading more into the book. Lennon and Kyler had me screaming and shouting and twirling my feet.


My favorite part of the book is when Lennon and Kyler get close and slowly build their relationship. I love how they deal with each other’s problems. I think that their relationship is very beautiful and very close.


The part that I really hated was Lennon’s step-sister when she would be snobby and would be very rude to Lennon knowing Lennon’s condition and how she was really struggling to move to a new city and losing her mother. 


All Our Broken Pieces is a very good book. I sometimes have a hard time getting into a book but this book really grabbed my attention. The book definitely made me flustered when I read it. This book gave me so many mixed feelings, which is definitely something I look for when reading a book.


So I really do recommend everyone to read it. It’s one of the best books I have read in a while.