Jackson has a hit in Mondays

Jackson has a hit in Mondays

Kelsi Edwards, staff writer

Mondays Not Coming is about Claudia, a 13-year-old girl looking for her friend, Monday. It is written by Tiffany D. Jackson.

The book takes you through so many twists and turns that you are hanging on to every page, sentence, and word hoping to find out what happened to Monday.

One of my favorite parts about the book is how the author sucks us into the story. The main character Claudia is dyslexic, so throughout the entire book, the story is switching from being told from the future to and past. It gets to the point where you aren’t even quite sure if you missed something or if you are in the past or present.

The book starts out by giving you an overview of the girl’s friendship. It shows that they are inseparable – they have made their own language and are even seen as sisters. I really like how the book has POC main characters and takes on topics that others are afraid to.

It deals with serious topics like trauma, poverty, and how broken the foster care system is. Even if you aren’t into horror or suspense Mondays Not Coming is still a book I recommend you take a look at.