From Pitch Perfect to Broadway, he’s on his own now


Mary Adams, managing editor

Starting out as Benji in the Pitch Perfect series to being the lead in Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen, Ben Platt has gone on his own. After releasing his first album, which landed him a live concert on Netflix, he has released his second album, Reverie. 

The first song on the album, king of the world, pt. 1, is a short and sweet intro for the rest of the album. This song proved that this album would be completely different from his first. His previous album consisted of slower songs, while this one had a lot of editing for harmony. This song also continues in part 2 and part 3, both halfway through the album and at the end. 

Platt is easily one of the artists I relate to most. Most of the characters he has played have been anxious in some way or form, which is easier to relate to than someone who has their life together. Platt also has anxiety off stage, and he expresses it through his music. His song, childhood bedroom, is a catchy and upbeat song about escaping to his happy place when he gets worried. 

Platt’s music always brings a new perspective to his music. While many people will write angry or sad breakup songs, Platt’s I wanna love you but I don’t, is more energetic. The song talks about someone that is perfect in every way, except for Platt just isn’t attracted to him. Along with breakup songs, Platt also includes some about having feelings for someone. His song dance with you is about wanting to be with someone but messing it up or making it complicated.