Eight years later, Rust is worth the price


Drake Johnson, staff writer

Rust is a game purely about survival and a lot of people say it’s one of the most difficult multiplayer games because of how unforgiving it is and because of how competitive the players are.

On December 11, 2013, Rust was released to PC and recently even a console version was released. But does it hold up to the hype it’s been given recently?

Now before I go into detail, I want to explain that I will be reviewing Rust on PC specifically since the console version has many bugs, is very laggy, and is almost unplayable. But when it comes to PC Rust it does very well when compared to recently released games on PC. I would even say that it is one of the best multiplayer survival games right now.

But before I start critiquing you may be asking what Rust is? Well Rust is a game you and your friends can play where you spawn on the beach of an island with a rock against many other dangerous people and it is up to you to get loot by finding crates, doing puzzles and killing people.

Oh yeah, and if you die all of your loot is now in the hands of your killer and you start back from square one. But if you want to keep your loot safe then you can build a base, but be wary as this base can get raided with explosives.

Now in a game where you are up against 100+ other people who probably have guns and explosives you might think this game would be very difficult to get a full unbiased review. But I experienced all of what Rust has to offer in a week both as a solo (no teammates) and a duo (one teammate). Rust is also very team friendly, allowing you to have up to eight people on a team. This is obviously unfair in a lot of situations since not everyone is going to have seven friends all with Rust so there are solo/duo/trio servers only allowing you to have up to three teammates to balance this out.

Now that everything has been explained let’s talk about the main topic and the first thing everyone thinks about when first playing, the difficulty.

The difficulty in Rust is very high when you first start playing and Rust rewards you with paying very close attention to your surroundings and the tiny details in places. In Rust a big thing is knowing when to mind your own business and when to fight it out. If you feel confident in your pvp skills then go ahead and try and fight but be wary as you may make mistakes or even worse, make yourself a target for a raid.

So let’s talk about the gameplay.

In Rust the gameplay is very slow paced and focuses on very high risk high reward styled gameplay. In the beginning you start out with very primitive weapons and tools. You get better loot by hitting barrels for scrap and components and you can recycle those for raw materials and slowly build up to better stuff through doing more farming.

Or you can try to take out weapons with you and look for people to fight taking way less work but also taking way more skill, this is called PVP or also known as player vs player. When I played with a duo partner PVP was very easy even when up against teams with 3 or 4 people. But when I was solo it was very difficult since you have no one to watch your back and fight with you. On a full vanilla server, meaning that there are 0 mods or differences from the base game, it took about 25-30 hours to get to late game as a solo and 15-20 as a duo.

Next is the graphics. This game has one of the best game graphics I have ever seen and that’s because even though Rust was released eight years ago they have been getting constant updates ever since. The only problem with this is that you will need a pretty good PC to play Rust. I got around 90 fps with an i5-10500 f and a GTX 1660 super.

Another thing that exists in the game is its own skin economy. This is very good especially with there being youtuber oriented skins meaning this games lifespan is not going to end anytime soon. In fact Rust got up to 83,000 players this month alone.

This means you’ll find many high pop servers to join and have fun in. So is it worth the $40? In my opinion it will probably be the best $40 you have ever spent in your life. So my challenge to you all is go and try it and see how long you can last.