8 Mile is a fun watch


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Now, I don’t know if you have ever heard the song “ Lose Yourself”, by Eminem, but if you want to learn where Marshall Bruce  Mathers III rooted from before his rap career, then you might want to watch the movie 8 Mile.

In this 2002 film before his name, EMINEM, his nickname was B-Rabbit, or Bunny Rabbit. A nickname his mom gave him because he was a really hyper kid with buck teeth, but decided that it would be his display name for his rap battles.

He was living with his girlfriend, Janeen, but the relationship wasn’t so healthy. Janeen thought that they were going to split up so she told B-Rabbit that she was pregnant, not that he was trying to be a deadbeat but he had enough of her so he left her. But now he has nowhere to go but to live in a trailer with his mom and his 6 year old sister, Lily. Rabbit’s mom is an alcoholic which wasn’t the best condition, considering that Lily is just a child.

Aside from Rabbit’s family, he had friends too, Sol George, DJ Lz, Future, and Cheddar Bob. Rabbit works at a power plant, where he dreads working because he is trying to get enough money to move out of his mom’s trailer home.

Rabbit’s friend, Future, signs him up to a rap battle tournament. See, Rabbit and his friends have rapping rivals, and his freestyling was rather rusty and unbalanced. The rap tournament is a series of events of many people competing in freestyling while dissing and humiliating the opposing competitor.

Alongside that, Rabbit does small freestyles with his friends, so he had an idea of what he was doing, but once upon the stage at the tournament, he chokes. He knows what he wants to say, but the stage fright freezes his tracks, buckles his knees, and constricts his throat. Rabbit has a lot of beef with the rivals, personal problems, and troubles with his mom, and the rent with the trailer. He does his best to make sure Lily, which again was his little sister, the best life possible, considering things weren’t so good at the moment. But he still makes her feel safe in his arms and keeps her sane.

This movie is definitely worth your time.