Hopsin has deep meaning in his lyrics


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Hopsin, oh boy Hopsin is a unique individual with interesting and inspiring lyrics.

Also known for his raw words and his complete and honest opinion on certain things or people, Hopsin is judged by his wild image a lot. Along with all of his struggles and beefs that he deals with, Hopsin stays true to his heart, true to his mind and true to his fans, unlike some other rappers.

Hopsin’s real name is Marcus Hopson, yes with an O, his rap name is spelled with an I instead. He is very passionate about what he writes about, whether that be anger, frustration, sadness or storytelling.

Here are some fun facts about Marcus Hopson.

Hopsin’s career was actually majorly and heavily influenced by Eminem. The only reason why Hopsin got interested in Hip Hop in the first place was because of Eminem.

Hopsin has two brothers and was born in Panorama City, Los Angeles, California. He was born on a Thursday, and his birthstone is Ruby.

Now that you have some insight on Hopsin, let’s talk about his song, “I Need Help”. The song explains his frustration of losing himself and having trouble being himself, he is angry and also sad because in between trying to be “Marcus” and “Hopsin” at the same time is difficult for him and he has to be one thing or else he falls into depression.

He also explains that he inherits all the money that he makes off his music and as a lot of people would say that money can buy happiness, but that’s wrong — money can buy temporary happiness but it can’t buy joy, not even temporary joy. He says that he tries to tell his so-called friends about how he feels but they get annoyed  that he’s trying to seek a solution that will take him out of his current state.

Hopsin is also known for wearing white viper pupil  contact lenses that represent his persona, representing how he is as a person and how he views things. Hopsin has a son that he knows about, but he struggles to see him because the mother won’t let him see him because she created false accusations of abuse against him and had him kept away by the law.

Hopsin had recently announced the possibility of retirement from Hip Hop and is moving to Australia to live his life there.