Assassin’s Creed has a little bit of everything

Assassins Creed has a little bit of everything

Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Nothing would a pirate love more than being most wanted by officers of the sea and lands. All the Reales that a seafarer can have, all the crewmates that they can recruit, the stronger the hull of their Sally Brown, their precious Jackdaw.

Welcome to “Assassin’s Creed Black Flag.”

Being the deadliest assassin along with being the most feared pirate of the open waters. The Assassin’s Creed is a code, a creed, a life style, and a loyal swear that is accepted only by the worthy of acceptance into the brotherhood of the assassins.

An Assassin’s Creed is working in the dark so they can serve light, meaning that they do their jobs as being the guided light for others who suffer while the assassin’s work in the dark. They serve justice and provide freedom “ Light” for others.

The Assassin’s Oath “Where other men blindly follow the truth, Remember, nothing is true. Where other men are limited by morality or law, Remember, everything is permitted. We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins.”

As Edward Kenway, the main character of the story line, dreams to be rich and famous and known for his legacy of being the best pirate. Plundering the other seafarer’s briggs and schooners, boarding and taking the cargo and anything that he and his crew pleased. Raising a black flag is a symbol of conquest and captivity.

Defeating the naval forts that ‘fend the seas around, and hunting the sea dogs that roam the waters; taking contracts of brutal and dangerous criminals of all areas to assassinate; and taking down the Templars and all the individuals who deserve the worst are the goals.

 Expanding his crew and upgrading his Jackdaw, adding a devastating amount of firepower to his broadside cannons, treating himself with new sets of pistols and blades at the general store are part of the game. Nothing he loves more than rising the tyranny upon the ones that deserve it the most, being a humble man, not feeling any wiser than he did before, the Assassin serves and does what he needs for him and his loved ones to survive.

Preparing the cutalsses and the flintlocks to fight the officers of Havana and Kingston, tossing the smoke grenades to disable the defense of a brute, zipping sleep darts toward the neck of a courier that carries the goods that come from afar.  Infiltrating the restricted areas of who guards it, cracking open chests and collecting sea shanties for the crew raise their singing voices to. Climbing to high points to synchronize, and take a high viewpoint of an entire area that surrounds.

Taking leaps of faith into the waters and into a stack of hay, taking the risks of taking on bigger people, bigger challenges, taking on the risk to achieve bigger prizes. Taking the challenge of hunting different kinds of animals of different islands, regular, black and white jaguars, crocodiles, monkeys, deer and many more. The justice that hides in the crevices of the hidden blade is nothing more than fate, if it feels right and if everything is permitted, raise your cutlasses and try hard to be the best assassin,  and  try Assassin’s Creed Black flag.

From time to time, the game will tell you what rank you are in deadliest assassins, in order to rank up you must kill, and plunder ships of all kinds. I rank 1,300,000+ in rank of deadliest assassins — it’s actually quite impressive. I used to be top 3,000,000 and went toward being top 1.3 million. Remember, be the best, and always follow the code of the creed. “Nothing is really true, everything is permitted.”