Don’t miss Lazarus Project


Nick Wert, staff writer

Do you like a challenging movie that you have to pay attention to the entire way?

Lazarus Project is a rollercoaster from the beginning.If you take your eyes off the movie you will miss something. If you do then this is the movie for you.

Lazarus Project stars Paul Walker and he did absolutely amazing in this movie. The only reason that I gave this movie a 9/10 is because how challenging it is to follow.

The movie starts off as a husband (Walker), wife and a daughter and he is an ex-con tying to keep his job. He gets laid off because they found out he was an ex-con and he was fired. He resorted back to being a thief and everything went wrong and got framed for three murders. He gets sentenced to death row then gets executed but ends up getting a second chance at life.

Has to moved to Oregon and he couldn’t go see his family, but he was suspicious and was wondering what was going on so he started to look for answers and he tried to run away. They were trying to make him think he was crazy so he went on a mission to gather evidence. He was successful in his mission and then he said “you kill me and all your doing here will be at every newspaper and tv by the morning or you let me go home.”

He went home and was reunited with his family. This movie has everything — drama, suspense, sadness and a little bit of action. This is a god movie deserving of awards.