Need a laugh? Try Big Stan


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Big Stan is a really funny movie, like very funny. It also is age-appropriate so if you are old enough it is a good watch and a  guaranteed good time. 

Rob Schneider plays as Stanley, the main character of the story. Stanley worked as a real estate con artist. Selling garbage houses to his clients who are sooner outraged rather than ecstatic.

Stanley finally got caught and was found guilty from the jury and was given six months to get his affairs in order. He  panics when he finds out he is going to prison for  real estate fraud. Stan is not ready for prison at all, he is nothing but a scrawny, nerdy man. He believes that he needs to prepare greatly before his sentence in prison. 

Stan needs help, so he gets help, a mysterious guru, also known as The Master. He helps Stan build his confidence, fighting skills, and teaches him discipline. Basically making him into a fighting machine, Stan is ready.

Finally, Stan makes it to the prison and is immediately challenged but it doesn’t phase him at all. Inmates attacking him, Stanley shows them who’s the boss of the prison, except for the warden of course. When the days and months and years go on, he starts to miss his wife Mindy, who is at home with The Master while Stan is away. But he worries that she might be searching for a new lover, considering that she wanted to sort of dump him in the first place.

He worries that he’ll be alone when he leaves prison. Realizing that he doesn’t want to fight anymore with the inmates and decides to convert the inmates to pacification. No more violence and teaches the inmates that not everything has to be a whole big fight. Although not even the biggest or baddest dudes in the prison could take Stan on in a fight, they respect his word and repress their anger for each other.

There are plenty of laughs in this one. It is a good watch.