Project Power gives 2020 some hope

Project Power gives 2020 some hope

Nick Wert, staff writer

I honestly think this movie is going to be the thing that helps 2020 get by with a sliver of hope.

This movie is called Project Power. It is a movie of a cop and an ex soldier who cross paths for the same but different reasons. The ex soldier (played by Jamie Foxx) is trying to get back his daughter. A group called Genesis took her and are forcing her to make these pills that can give people powers.

The power varies person to person. It could give one person super strength, another bulletproof, another super speed,etc. The other person could just blow up and there is no way to determine without taking the pill.

If you are lucky to get a power, the power lasts five minutes. And when Jamie Fox is trying to find his daughter he crosses path with a cop (Joseph Levitt) and a 15-year-old girl named Robin. They start working together to work to end these pills.

They have to go through a lot to find the people who are behind them, then they finally find them. It causes the cop to use the pill which makes him bulletproof and gives him super strength. He uses that to fight off the people who took Jamie Foxx’s daughter, but he gets overwhelmed and that causes Foxx to take the pill. I can’t explain what his power was so you are just going to have to watch the movie and find out what it was.

I highly recommend this movie. It is on Netflix so go check it out