Wanted goes a lot of different directions


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Wanted is a 2008 movie about an office worker that works as an account manager  whose life is going nowhere and is going deeper into a state of nothingness.

This person is Wesley Gibson, also known as James McAvoy, who played his character in the movie.

Wesley has a bad life. He is constantly financially unstable and hates his job. Wesley is a very awkward, worried person and has a prescribed medication for his panic / anxiety attacks. Along with his uptight and inconsiderate boss, Janice, she picks on him and is always lighting a flame under Wesley’s rear.

Wesley had been trying to figure out who he was but keeps finding out that he’s a nobody. He is on a constant search to find his identity whether that be googling up his own name, but nothing ever comes up.

Wesley doesn’t have the greatest friends either, even though he is portrayed to be his “best friend”, but he sees his girlfriend behind his back and puts on a different face when Wesley’s around. One day Wesley goes to the pharmacy to pick up his medication but runs into Fox, also known as Angelina Jolie who played her in the movie.

Not knowing who she is, he tries to ignore her glares that she is giving him and tries to move on but she doesn’t let him. At first she seemed kind of nice, but he was wrong, Wesley’s estranged father was in the store with a gun and was trying to kill Fox, as soon as he popped up, Fox immediately made Wesley duck for cover, shooting a bullet at Welsey’s dad.  Wesley’s dad is Cross, they both shot a  bullet that collided with  each other.

Fox and Cross have a standoff at the pharmacy and Fox makes an escape with Wesley. Wesley, scared and not knowing what to do, releases from Fox’s grip and tries to make a break for it, running toward the parking lot. Fox drives toward Wesley, drifting in a motion just perfect enough with the door open to scoop Wesley up to escape with no scratches.

But Cross is persistent with the pursuit and chases Fox in a truck, trying his best to either kill Fox or destroy her vehicle but eventually fails when police later get involved and hunt down his truck, thinking that they have caught Cross, the police came up empty handed.

Fox takes Wesley to a location known as a Fraternity, a secret society of assassins who take orders from fate to assassinate certain people. Wesley is still confused, Sloan, also known as the leader of the fraternity, and known as Morgan Freeman who played his character.

The members of the Fraternity do not tell Wesley much of the information that he wants. Sloan hands Wesley a gun, and orders him to shoot the flies off the wings of a few flies that were flying around a trash bucket. A gun is pointed at Wesley’s head, slowly revealing that Wesley can slow time down with his own mind while under pressure. Not needing the pills to do so. And it all takes off from there…..

This is an action-packed movie that is at times hard to follow.