Mirror’s Edge brings back memories

Mirrors Edge brings back memories

Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Mirror’s Edge — now that’s a game that gives all of the 2000s babies some good memories.

Mirror’s Edge was released on November 11, 2008. Mirror’s Edge is a live action based parkour game, it takes place in the future in a city called The City of Glass. Faith, the main protagonist, is always on the run from the law. You see, most citizens of the city are under control and management and some special people are kept in a cell where they are held for confinement mostly because they are either rebellious or dangerous.

The main goal of the game is to jump buildings to escape the officers that chase you. You may think that they’ll just chase you, no you’re wrong, they will take tunnels or pathways and will try to anticipate your escape route to catch you.

There are various types of officers, there are protector’s, they carry batons and attempt to incapacitate you with it and are highly trained in defense just like the other officers, except for one. A guardian also has a baton but is easiest to defeat, they are usually very easy to disarm at hand.

The officers get harder to beat the more you’re on the run from them, for example an officer called a shock protector will be in your pursuit and will send shock waves through his gadget and will stun you as many times as it takes to incapacitate you. Now there is another officer just called a soldier, and they are a moderate level of difficulty to defeat, they carry guns with them and will not hesitate to shoot at you if you are alone but you should take fighting another guard next to him at your advantage because they will not take a shot risking the life of their fellow officer. 

 The final boss is finally here — the Hunter. He is highly trained and his goal is not just to incapacitate you he is there to kill you now because you have avoided too much of the law. He does not have any weapons, just his own bare fists and legs. He will kick and punch you and will chase you and will not give up.

Although he may seem impossible to beat, he does have weaknesses. Kicking his  back and fooling him into thinking that you’ll run in a certain direction and hit him from the sides or his back again. Unless you have some type of scheme to fool him or juke him, it’s almost impossible to successfully attack him from the front because he will counter your attacks.

Well enough about the officers. Let’s talk about what Faith can do when she free runs on the roofs of Tokyo. Faith can unlock moves to slide, run on walls, jump from wall to wall, climb high and short obstacles, safety and a skill roll which is basically a tuck and roll to prevent fall damage. 

Faith is also able to balance and hang on metal beams. Faith also has the ability to defend herself with her fighting skills and her environment around her. Faith can jump kick, jump punch and just regular punching and kicking on the ground.

When I say she can fight with her environment it’s because there are zipline ropes that connect from a higher building to a shorter building, making the rope a downward slope, giving Faith traverse ability and assistance to move faster.

Traversing through the city can also help her fight but mostly get her to places quicker. Later into the game as she unlocks different achievements and completes other missions she unlocks a grapple gadget that she can attach to her arm that helps her shoot up to the top of high buildings in such a short amount of time.

There are not just these features that you get to experience. Mirror’s Edge has a story to it and you will know what to do if you play story mode and you don’t free roam.

Not to spoil anything, but just to give you an idea on how everything started. A while ago, when Faith was a little girl, she had a sister and both her parents, but the officers killed her parents and threw gas into their home, Faith’s sister Kate, was unconscious in the gas and Faith didn’t have enough time to save her, she thought she died but didn’t and was alive throughout the story, but I’ll leave you to that to find out for yourself why she was alive. Faith had to live her life on her own and other runners that roamed on the roofs of Cascadia (City of Glass).