Like action? Try John Wick

Like action? Try John Wick

Nick Wert, staff writer

Do you like action packed movies from the time it starts to the time it ends? Then this is the movie for you. John Wick Chapter 3 is so crazy.

This is the most action packed movie I’ve ever seen. It all stated over a dog.

Some people killed his dog and he came out of retirement and just kept getting involved in crazy stuff. It got to the point where he killed someone when he was not supposed to and he has everybody in the assassin business after him. Then he has to find a way to survive.

There is hand-to-hand combat, weapons, motorcycle battles and dogs. There is so much that happens,  you need to watch it.

I highly recommend this movie. It will keep you on your feet till the very end.

At the very end there is this huge battle and he takes on this guy with the same type of skill set as him and it drags for 20 minutes and all it s is hand-to-hand combat with swords and glass. I absolutely love this type of movie because I love watching fighting scenes. 

He eventually gets shot off of a roof and then when the camera was zooming in on him on the ground, he vanished. Then it showed John Wick and the Bird Man talking and they said that we are going to take the high table down and then the movie stops.

There is going to be a fourth movie and I will watch that. This stuff is amazing.