Charlie Brown knows how to be thankful

Classic show is a must-watch holiday treat

Charlie Brown knows how to be thankful

Caitlin Sparks, staff writer

It’s that time of year again when you start stocking up on food and setting up for that big family reunion.

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about — it is Thanksgiving time.

Now I know you might celebrate it a bit differently than me, but one thing I do every year is to watch a certain show and today we are going to be talking about the classic Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (which airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on ABC).

The show was made on November 20, 1973,  and this helps us classify it as a classic. I love the show because it always brings back those childhood memories and the fuzzy warm feeling like it’s that time of year again. The movie is such an amazing part of the incredible series and an amazing movie to watch. It won a Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding individual achievement in children’s programming. 

The movie starts out by Charlie Brown standing next to his mailbox with his sister looking for turkey cards, but there were none. They get sad and start a dislike for Thanksgiving.

This is when Linus came up and asked what was wrong, but Charlie’s little sister was so mesmerized by Linus it was hard for her  to explain so Charlie did. He said he was going to his grandmas for turkey day. Later on that day Peppermint Patty calls Charlie and says my dad is going out of town for Thanksgiving Chuck and can I could come over to your house for turkey day. She wants to bring a couple of friends so they can have the best turkley day, Chuck.

Charlie Brown was worried because he was going to his grandmas but he didn’t was to disappoint peppermint patty and her hate him for the rest of their lives.  But by the end of it, he and Snoopy were able to pull it off and throw the best Thanksgiving party ever. 

I love the old look and the situation Charlie always gets himself in. This is a fantastic show that should be on everyone’s holiday list.