Teacher turns to writer

Tuck’s passion for writing is displayed in his first book release


Evelyn Sanchez, Online Editor

For the past eight years, special education teacher Jonas Tuck has had a four-part series in the works and the time for its premiere has arrived.

“Mary’s Journey” is about a woman named Mary Reynolds who is separated from her husband and children after a terrible ice storm hit.  In an effort to wait out the insufferable storm, she takes refuge at her grandmother’s house.

Being unable to sleep, she finds herself in her grandmother’s basement and unwittingly opens an invisible doorway to a strange new world called Divinity. In this wondrous land, adults resemble children and all living creatures are able to communicate with one another through a special telepathic bond. Unfortunately, Mary spends her first night in Divinity lost in the woods.

The following morning, she awakens to find that she looks 13-years-old and has been given shelter by four young sisters named Angelaa, Peaany, Lizaa, and Emmee. At first, she assumes Divinity to be nothing more than a dream, but soon she realizes that not only is it real, it is not at all as it seems.

Much of this story is family oriented as Tuck is very close to his. The beginning scene of the ice storm is based on true events that happened to his wife that inspired Tuck to begin writing the series.

His pen name, J.T. Grainger, is actually his initials with his biological father’s last name. He decided to use this pen name to signify how he never had his father growing up and it goes along with the theme of having a parent that one doesn’t know or have that is included in the book as well. He sees the book as a good icebreaker and opens up many topics for families and all ages.

“There is an aspect of trying to make a connection with your family and I think in any book I write that will be included in them as well,” Tuck said.

During the eight-year making of the book, Tuck was able to learn a lot as a new author. With work and trying to raise a family, Tuck wrote during his spare time and went to the flow when it came to his writing. Some things he struggled with was promoting the book and time management. He at first wanted to make it one book but as he started writing more about the journey, he thought it would be best to make it a series.  

“It’s always an uphill battle but it’s been a learning experience,” Tuck said.

Tuck hopes to continue his writing career and is excited to see what the future holds. He plans to release more of the series each subsequent year and is currently in the works with a book inspired by back to the future, which is one of Tuck’s favorite films and includes a talking car.

“Mary’s Journey” will go on sale on May 29 but Tuck will be having an early book release party this Sunday with 40 percent of proceeds from sales going to Indy Reads Books and fighting illiteracy. From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday at 911 Massachusetts Ave. he will be reading excerpts and all ages are welcome.