Ink at Ben Davis

Students, teachers and tattoos at Ben Davis

Hayden Cohrs, Staff Writer

Here at Ben Davis you’ll find an array of students who have tattoos.

Junior football player Anthony Lackey has five tattoos. On his wrists you can find his initials, on his inner left arm you can find a quote that reads “Success in life is not only what you have achieved, but the journey that you overcame.”

“The quote means basically what it says,” Lackey said.

On his outer left arm, he has his mother’s name, farther up on his left arm he has one for his sister that reads, “My sisters protector.” Family obviously is important to him. On his upper right arm he has Gods hands with Gods boy on it.

“This one is the best one,” Lackey said. “God is a big part of my life.”

Junior Myran Bunnell has a tattoo of her zodiac sign on her leg that she got done at Artistic Skin Designs.

“There’s no real reason,” Bunnell says, “It’s just my zodiac.”

Students aren’t the only ones with tattoos here at Ben Davis, teachers have tattoos too.

Art teacher Jacqueline Perry has three tattoos. On her wrist you’ll find a pear.

“I stick n poke-d this myself in middle school,” she said.

On her inner left arm you’ll find a beautiful metal smiting piece, “It’s for the craft i’m most passionate about.” Perry said. On her leg she has a loon. She got it because her favorite place to visit during summer break is Boundary Waters in Minnesota.

Art teacher Cody Haddix has two tattoos — on his left is a cross and on his right is an outline of Indiana.

“The cross is about a dark place I got out of, and where I’ve been and want to be.” Haddix says, “I grew up in Indiana and I’ve always lived here, So this one just means home to me.”

In the Math department, Riley Hall has an amazing piece on his right arm. It’s a light bulb with blue and yellow surrounding it, almost like color is exploding out of the light bulb.

“It’s about the blending of the emotional and mental side of people. Me specially, I believe that the arts and emotions and things like music all blend into math, science,  hard discipline, and those things are suppose to work together rather than be separate,” Hall said. “The light bulb represents knowledge and the color fills in art and emotion. Life is about blending those two things together”  

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, remember that you get what you pay for, and to be sure that you’re positive about what you want on your body, because tattoos are permanent. Don’t be afraid to be picky when it comes to tattoos because they’re on you forever.