Are video game delays far too common?

Hailee Pringle, Mass Media

It has been said that 2016 is the roughest year for game developers. Nearly 17 games have been delayed this year including, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy XV, and The Last Guardian. People have been asking questions and ranting about how game developers need to stop with the delays. One person wrote, “The last couple years have seen numerous games delayed as developers scramble to complete upcoming titles. Game developers have announced release dates for their games, only to report a delay, setting the game back a few weeks or a couple years.

With all these game delays how long will it be before people move on to something that’s actually going be released on time? There are reports of people requesting the new Nintendo should delay the Switch until Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes out claiming “It’s exactly what the Switch needs to debut with a bang, as I don’t think it can rely on being any sort of Wii-level instant hit where something obscure like Wii Sports could carry it to massive success.” What about the ones who don’t have a problem with the delays?
I sat down with the Mass Media teacher, Mr.Fraley, and asked about his opinion on all the recent game delays and this is what he had to say. “No one wants a game to be delayed but, there are certain games like Uncharted 4 and Final Fantasy XV that have been delayed for quite a while especially Final Fantasy XV which was a 10 year delay almost. They’ve been pushed back but, they turned out to be fantastic. Now we are going to see in the future if it works with The Last Guardian coming out soon after being delayed 8 years. We’re gonna see Horizon Zero Dawn in February which was delayed out of the holiday season, South Park which was delayed. So we’re gonna see if this work because the only reason you delay a game is to make it better. People are so worried about games being broken. How do you keep them from being broken? You delay them until they’re ready. On the other side we see games that have been delayed such as Mighty Number Nine, which people didn’t know where that game went for the longest time and then boom it’s released and it’s hot garbage and it’s one of the worst games of the year. No Man’s Sky gets delayed to follow through on the promises these huge promises we saw on the Sony Stage. It comes out and it’s not complete, it’s charged with false advertising, you can’t do all the things you saw in the trailer, you’re not seeing those animals the creatures, dinosaurs, planets, you can’t meet players etc. So people asked, “It was delayed, why? If we can’t do all these things, what were you doing if you still have to do patches for stuff that is still broken?” So my opinion is I’m fine with a delay, if it results in a better game, if it’s not why are you delaying it in the first place?”
As much as I agree with Mr.Fraley my question is, if you’re still working on the game why did you set a release date just to push it back? If you knew the game wasn’t ready why would you get people’s hopes up for a game they’ve been waiting for? Like other Nintendo gamers, I’ve been anxiously waiting for the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which was originally set to come out back in 2015. After seeing the trailer, I have high hopes for this game. It has a beautiful setting, the music is peaceful, and the game design itself is just incredible. Now I understand needing more time to make it better, but there is always the possibility that they push the release date back to “make it better” and it’s still a terrible game with bugs and glitches. The longer the wait, the better the game should be. Final Fantasy XV just recently came out when it should’ve already been out 10 or so years ago. Now players are saying that the new game will wither and die. For the games that haven’t released yet, if the goal is to make the game the best it can be I’m willing to wait for it. What about the other gamers? Well let’s just say they’re starting to get a little bit hazy waiting on their favorite game to come out. Hopefully next year will be better and there won’t be as many game delays as there were this year.