We miss the old Disney Channel

Classic shows from our childhood

Have you seen an episode of a Disney Channel show recently?

It is pretty obvious to see how much their TV shows have changed through the years. It’s not the same comedy that used to make us laugh in our elementary school days. Although some of us are a little too old to still be watching Disney channel, most of us miss the shows that were a huge part of our childhood. The shows that entertained us after school and no matter how many times we watched the same episode, we never got tired of it. . Now it’s all new shows for a whole new generation.

One of everyone’s favorite was That’s so Raven. It was a show about a teenage girl who could look into the future and always found herself getting stuck in crazy situations. Raven along with her two friends, Eddie and Chelsey, always had to find a way out of whatever problem they got themselves in. One of everyone’s favorite episodes was when Raven had a vision of a girl she hated being hit by a TV cart. In order to save her, Raven pushed her out of the way and into buckets of pain. She later tried to apologize but got gum stuck in her hair and later had to avoid her by using a tracking device that led her right to her. This show was a hilarious chaos that was sure to make everyone laugh.

Another show that was sure to make everyone laugh was Even Stevens. This show was about a teenage boy who always caused trouble wherever he went. He would always find some way to infuriate his overachieving sister. In one episode,  his sister host a slumber party and he decides to put a camera in her room and sell tickets to his friends to watch the party in order to raise money for  a suit of armor. He ends up getting caught and given a hilarious make-over by his sister and her friends.  This show was a classic and the Even Stevens Movie was even crazier than the show.

There are so many classic shows like Kim Possible, Lizzie McGuire, Sister Sister, American Dragon, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana and the list goes on and on. The crossover episodes were the best. It was all your favorite shows in one.

It was like the shows came together as a family and where a hundred times funnier. One of the best was when That’s So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana all joined together for a crazy chaotic weekend at the Tipton Hotel.

All these shows mean so much because they were such a big part of our childhood. We are all becoming young adults with a lot of responsibilities but these shows will forever hold so many memories of when we were little.