Unique eats

Restaurants in the area you probably weren’t aware of

Ever get tired of the same old restaurant and fast food chains? I bet we all do at times.

Surprisingly, the Indianapolis area has many diverse and original restaurants that many of us don’t know about.

Want a quick sandwich gourmet style? Visit Goose the Market on North Delaware Street for a delicious baguette sandwich with aged meats and cheeses made from Indiana grown substances. Goose the Market, a lot of times known as just “Goose”, also sells meat and cheeses by the pound. The food is critically acclaimed and not to mention the deli style restaurant set up is quite cute.

Looking for something a little different? If you’re bold enough, try out El Maguey on 38th Street. It is not guaranteed that your server will be fluent in English, but it is guaranteed that you will get a lot of delicious and completely authentic Mexican food for a low price. While you are there try out some of your Spanish and have a fun and laughable time ordering something you have never ate before.

Maybe you need something vegan and vegetarian friendly? Or just want to give it a try? Georgetown Market on Georgetown Road is not only a restaurant, but a complete whole food store.

They have everything from vitamins to all vegan cheese and ice cream. Their restaurant inside has daily fresh soups, a juice and smoothie bar, a hot bar and a variety of sandwiches and other foods all made from Indiana grown substances. Enjoy a hand made fresh smoothie or a completely natural pressed juice alongside a fresh sandwich and hot cup of soup. You really can’t go wrong at Georgetown.

Fresh produce always sounds nice, I’m sure you’ve passed by The Famous Tomato on West 10th Street near Lynhurst. From the looks of it, it is your average produce stand but inside it is much more. A huge salad bar, with every type of lettuce, vegetable and salad topping you can think of. It is seriously a salad lover’s dream.

With all these new restaurants to try out you have some planning to do, take some friends or family and make them all try something new, you may find that you love things you didn’t even think you would enjoy.