Move on from embarrassment

Nicole Tackett, Staff writer

February 4, 2014

Everyone has had an embarrassing moment or two, and although they are not fun to experience or even remember, they should not keep you up at night. If something embarrassing happens to you, after you get over the maybe not-so-subtle...

Learning is not measurable

Nicole Tackett, Staff writer

November 27, 2013

The end of a semester usually means students are more aware of their academic class ranking and GPA. This could cause stress on a student, making them think they haven’t done well enough or aren’t as “smart” as the people...

Could the vatican be evolving?

Breanna Cooper, Staff writer

November 14, 2013

When talking about Catholic teachings, evolution is not usually something that comes to mind. However, the newest Pope may be bringing a social revolution to Vatican City. When Jorge Mario Bergoglio, commonly known as Pope...

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