How to: Say what you want to say

Do not serve to please those who whine



A few days ago I walked into my mom’s work and spotted her manager. I shouted a greeting and noticed he got a new haircut, so I said “Hey Chris. Nifty haircut, it makes your bald spot less prominent” and he blushes and walks away. It was obvious that Chris was embarrassed, but my only intention was to give him a compliment. Maybe I should have worded it differently, but that is where being politically correct comes into play.

Being politically correct is politely censoring what you say to others, so you do not offend them. It is thought to promote equality in language, please your whining peers and make the world a better place…boring.

Not only has being politically correct started its own monotonous revolution, but it has created a society who is walking on eggshells. It makes the common person irritable and contentious to the words of others. It results in being cautious of being too personal with each other because of the fear of offending potential pals.

But who cares about all of that? If we continue these stage four pushover attitudes then mother earth is going to have the mother of all meltdowns from being so boring. All I am saying is it seems like everyone is turning into an over sensitized robot.

For example, we call black people African Americans and label white people Caucasian, but why?

Saying “I like that Black girl, she is hilarious” is not racist. Or all of a sudden a person who is 400 pounds becomes “curvy”.  Just because you cannot admit that you are fat does not mean you become sensual.

Or people who say they are “vertically advanced” instead facing the fact that they are just taller than average.

So, hang political correctness to dry and say what you want to say.

Here is what you do:

1.       Speak out; we have freedom of speech. Of course you do not want to abuse it, but just because someone says you cannot say something does not mean a thing.

2.       Be kind; politically incorrect does not always mean being unkind. Saying or doing things with the intention of harming others is not a political choice, it is a moral choice.

3.       Say what you mean.  A lot of times political correctness is absurd. Why would we not say Merry Christmas in the Christmas season?

4.       Pick your battles. Decide whether the effects of what you have to say are worth opening your mouth.