Matthew Brown
Howdy doo. I’m Matthew Gregory Willis Cook Brown. Once a small tadpole in the Ben Davis Spotlight, I am now the online editor. Though I have many stories to write, I like to take time and enjoy life. I like to explore the world around us and examine the oddest of anomalies. I am single and like long walks on the beach. I believe in Bigfoot and hope that one day the mighty owl god will come down and smite all the enemies of the world with his side kick, spaghetti monster. In serious, I could not be prouder to be a part of a staff that is both fun and hardworking. I am also very proud of my editor in chief. Though at first she was taken away by the role of editor in chief, I believe that she will step up to any challenge and knock it out of the park. Like her, we are not alone and there are friends everywhere. All you have to do is say hello.

Matthew Brown, Online editor

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Matthew Brown