Taubah Elebute

Taubah Elebute, staff writer

Hey there. I’m Taubah (pronounced taoo-ba, it’s pretty easy y’all). I’m a junior, and I’d absolutely love to share my perspectives on topics, write about stories that truly interest me, and put some of my poem-writing word intricacy skills to work.

As we can all tell from that last line I write poems in my free time, some that I love sharing, and some that are just for myself. Writing is sort of my coping mechanism. From writing poems, to putting little sticky-note notes on my wall, to scribbling words randomly in the middle of class -- I truly enjoy writing, especially about things I genuinely care about, and I'd do it even if I wasn't sharing it in a class like Spotlight.

I’m really excited to see what thoughts I'm able to unearth and construct for all of you guys to read. I moved here from Nigeria in 2017 with my family, and I believe I’m merging my two worlds together pretty nicely. 

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Taubah Elebute