Caitlin Merill

Caitlin Merill, staff writer

I’m a junior and this is my first full year of Spotlight. I joined the second semester of my sophomore year with the purpose just to fill a hole in my schedule but I ended up really loving the class so I’m taking it again. I’m 16 but I turn 17 in October. I have recently started using she/they pronouns. I’m the biggest Taylor Swift fan you will ever meet. One really cool thing about myself is that I can write upside down, like turn the paper completely upside and write and it’s still legible. I’ve been doing that since 4th grade and for some reason, my handwriting looks the neatest when I write upside down. All of my past teachers have thought it was really weird but I think it’s pretty cool. I’ve recently gotten into reading a lot. I’m currently reading All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover. I read It Ends With Us and it wasn’t my favorite book. Tiktok definitely overhyped it and set high expectations, which were not reached. I did love Ugly Love though.

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Caitlin Merill