Boys volleyball returning to BD


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The last year Ben Davis sponsored a boys volleyball team was the spring of 2019. Lisa Bugay will coach the new team this spring.

Mark Zachery, staff writer

Boys volleyball is finally starting back up this spring at Ben Davis.

The volleyball callouts are today during Impact in the cafeteria. All boys interested in playing should attend.

The IHSAA is recognizing boys volleyball as a sanctioned high school sport for the first time ever this season as an emerging sport. Once 50% of the IHSAA members school field a boys vollyball team, it will be completely sanctioned by the IHSAA. Right now the Indiana Boys Volleyba; Coaches Association oversees the sport.

The season approaches really fast as our first match is March 14th at home in the main gym versus North Central. The head coach will be Lisa Bugay. She has been coaching for over 21 years at division 1 and 2 levels. She coached in the SEC and SAC. She has also coached at several high schools in Ohio, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Indiana.