Raining positivity

Our Purple Rain leaders have a great year planned

Abby Beaumont, Co-editor-in-chief

Many would think they’d be more comfortable in the spotlight before those they know, but truth is, it’s actually harder.

Taking on a leadership role in front of your fellow students is more difficult than taking on any role in front of adults or doing so in front of strangers. You are surrounded by these people every day for about seven hours a day. It’s a lot of pressure doing that and getting fellow students involved is even more challenging. This 2018 school years Purple Rain leaders have mustered up the courage to take on the responsibility for Ben Davis’ student section.

There are plenty of worries that might come along with the role of Purple Rain leader, but one of the main ones is the amount of support.

“What’s making me nervous is [whether or not] enough people will show up this year to support, “ senior Matt Landwerlen said.

“I would say I’m more nervous about people not showing up and supporting our team sports this year,” senior Marcos Estrada confessed.

It’s tough pumping others up and getting them excited to cheer on their team. Football games along with other sports are very social events — many students often go just to mingle with friends. As many in the past have noticed, students are stubborn. Overcoming that stubbornness will be the greatest obstacle for our new leaders.

“The most challenging part will be getting people to show up and actually participate in the student section with doing the themes and going along with the chants,” Estrada explained.

Having enough students partake in our section is vital to be successful cheering on the Giants.

“I know when people show up, we get loud,” Landwerlen said.

So how will the new leaders make it happen? As previously said, it’s harder said than done. But this is just one of the responsibilities that come with being the leaders.

“I plan on getting the students to participate by picking themes that they’ll enjoy and have fun with,” Estrada said.

To make showing spirit enjoyable for everyone, the main focus is being creative and coming up with original themes while also holding on to past hit themes. Estrada and Landwerlen have ensured that older themes like costume night and pajama night will be announced alongside new themes.

Twitter polls will likely be held, so the rest of the students have a voice in what their theme will be. Themes have to be the biggest incentive for students to come and engage in the student section at games, so it’s essential that they are planned well and carried out in the most exciting way for students.

While thinking of ways to dress up and cheering on our teams is fun, being a Purple Rain leader is so much more. Being at games and showing school spirit is a great way to spread an immense amount of positive energy.