Balotelli finally turns the corner.

“Super” Mario Balotelli has finally turned the corner in form for Liverpool. In form that is.

The Italian striker has been called a failure in his tenure for Liverpool, scoring only four goals in his total amount of games. But the striker seems to be turning the corner as he has bagged two goals in his last three appearances scoring the game winner against Tottenham last Tuesday in the 81st minute and slotting home the, controversial, game-winning penalty against Beşiktaş. But, in true Balotelli fashion, no matter how many times Balotelli does well he always has some kind of negative press following him.

Following the game-winner against Beşiktaş he was called “mischievous” and “disrespectful” by club legend and current captain Steven Gerrard for taking the penalty designated to, stand in Captain Jordan Henderson.

After the game Balotelli had to say “Thank you Hendo (referencing Henderson) for letting me take the penalty. Stop the drama now. We won that’s what counts. We are a team and especially we are Liverpool. Come on guys.” Also manager Brendan Rodgers had this to say “Normally the order of penalty takes is Stevie, Mario, and then Rickie Lambert. But if none of them are on the pitch then it’s whoever I designate so if Stevie is not on the pitch and Mario is then Mario will take the penalty.” Following up on these comments was club Legend Jamie Carragher who said, “Mario is as close to a sure thing in penalties, he’s hit 27 of 29 penalties in his career and he is the man that should and did take the penalty.”

Now Balotelli has the opportunity to score in both legs of the Europa League round of 32 fixtures against Beşiktaş. Thursday Liverpool returned to the place of probably their most famous Champion’s League final ever. The 2005 Champion’s League final when Liverpool came back from a 3-0 deficit in the first half to turning it around tying 3-3 and sending the game to penalties which they won 3-2.

Liverpool entered the game leading 1-0 on aggregate, that’s when teams play a home and away game and add the scores of the two games together if tied at the end of the two games the winner with the most away goals wins if tied on away goals the normal extra time and penalties settles the game, during the game in Istanbul Beşiktaş scored in the 77’ and the game had to go to extra time and eventually penalties. Liverpool and Beşiktaş traded penalties until it was 5-4 and Liverpool had to score to keep the game alive. Dejan Lovren our new center back stepped up to the spot, shot, and missed. So now Liverpool is out of the Europa league and the only way back to the Champions league is to get into the top four of the Premier League.