Colts, Patriots meet for a chance to get in the Super Bowl

It has come down to two teams in the American Football Conference — the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots.

Headlining this matchup are the players at quarterback, Andrew Luck and Tom Brady. Luck in his third year has advanced to his first AFC Championship in his career. Brady had been to the AFC championship seven times with a record of 5-2. Will experience be the difference in this highly anticipated matchup that kicks off at 6:40 p.m. Sunday?

It’s pretty impressive for both teams to be in this situation and be one game away from the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots were blown out in week four during the regular season by the Kansas City Chiefs. Many questions arose about if Tom Brady’s time was done in New England and if he would ever return to his top form. Brady and the Patriots did, they ended up winning 10 out of their last 13 games including a seven game winning streak. The Patriots secured the number one seed through the playoffs giving them home field advantage.

The Colts had an 11-5 season for the third straight season with Andrew Luck under center. But ending the season the Colts started to fall and things spiraled out in a Week 16 debacle in Dallas with a 42-7 loss. The Colts entered the playoffs with really with no identity. But in a couple wins the Colts have put themselves in the forefront of the NFL.

The Colts came off beating the Denver Broncos in a 24-13 win. Andrew Luck passed for 265 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Indianapolis made good adjustments in the second quarter to run away with the game. The key was the Colts corners took away the middle of the field and dared Peyton Manning to throw the ball in the middle. Vontae Davis had arguably one of his best games of his career as he neutralized the Denver Broncos’ number one receiver Demaryius Thomas. Every time they tried their signature screen pass or crossing routes they were taken away which limited their big plays.

New England beat the Ravens, rallied by as many as 14 twice in a row. A controversial formation sparked the Patriots in a shootout with them winning the game in Foxborough.

New England can have their way if they can get off to a running start. Last time the Colts and Patriots faced off was this season in November, the Patriots rolled past the Colts 42-20. But it wasn’t the arm of Tom Brady which put them ahead who threw two early interceptions. It was the running of Jonas Gray who ran for 199 yards and had four touchdowns. The key is T.Y Hilton against Darrelle Revis, can he be neutralized. T.Y Hilton is leading receiver who has caught six touchdowns the Colts number one receiver and has caught six touchdowns for more than 20 yards. Patriots coach Belichick talked about the receiving core saying that there is a lot of juice in that core.

Belichick has done much praise to the Colts specifically ones of Andrew Luck. Belichick says that Luck is a receiver that you have to guard and make sure you know where he is. Luck is 0-3 against the Patriots all losses coming with 20 points or more. Belichick has seemed to have his way against Luck but knows this time around Luck will be a tough player to beat as he’s in top form.

My prediction is the Colts beat the Patriots 33-30 by a last minute Adam Vinatieri field goal. The game will begin with the Patriots on a scoring run but the Colts will rally late in the second half. Andrew Luck and his comeback heroics late, will put them in field goal range with the game tied and send them to to their second Super Bowl in four years.