Pacers have lots of questions

Season will be interesting as team regroups from two huge losses


Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel grits his teeth during the playoffs last year. The Pacers open the seasdon Wednesday at home against Philadelphia. (MCT photo)

This Wednesday the Pacers play the Philadelphia 76’ers at home to start with plenty of question marks..

The Pacers are without some of their prized players on the court. Pacers star Paul George had violently, gruesomely broken his lower leg in a USA Basketball scrimmage in Las Vegas last season.

“He’s down to one crutch or no crutches,” coach Frank Vogel told reporters Thursday at the Pacers’ annual golf event in Indianapolis (via ESPN). “For the past three or four weeks, he’s been doing core work, upper-body work in the weight room, and they want him to put weight on it.”

From 2010, George has been an influential small forward and shooting guard for our Indiana Pacers.

“It’s very possible that I can play (this season). I’ve talked to all the guys and said, ‘Man, you guys have to get in the playoffs. That’s the best chance I’ve got of coming back and playing this year.’ I’ve already got it in mind that I could miss this whole year. I’m come to peace with that, but I’d love to be able to come back and play again,” George in an interview on

Recent videos show George playing around the world. It is a great sight to see for the team and it’s fans.

The Pacers also open the season with an injured David West and without the services of Lance Stephenson, who left during the off-season to go to Charlotte. That means three of the five starters who pushed the Miami Heat to six games in a seven-game playoff series last year are not in the starting lineup as the Pacers hope to defend the No. 1 seed they earned last year.