BPA has 45 state qualifiers


staff report

The Ben Davis High School Business Professionals of America members performed well at the Region Leadership Conference. RLC was held here, at Ben Davis High School, on Saturday, December 10, 2022. The State Leadership Conference will be held March 12-14, 2023, at the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott.

*Denotes State Qualifiers

Fundamental Accounting
8th Place – Jomiloju Adeniran*
6th Place – Jenny Salvador-Hernandez*
5th Place – Haven Papineau*
4th Place – Binyame Samuel*
3rd Place – Sidney James*
Region Champion – Cristina Llamas-Gonzalez*

Advanced Accounting
7th Place – Matthew Vargas*
6th Place – Naomi Escamilla*
5th Place – Daniel Lopez*
3rd Place – Alejandro Cazarez-Rivera*
2nd Place – Daniel Camacho*
Region Champion – Kennedy Smith*

Payroll Accounting
9th Place – Ashley Serrano*
8th Place – Julia Salazar Moran*
7th Place – Jazzman Willis*
6th Place – Naomi Escamilla*
5th Place – Moises Beltran*
4th Place – John Castillo Flores*
3rd Place – Caleb Faulkner*

Banking & Finance
3rd Place – John Castillo Flores*

Financial Analyst Team
2nd Place – Alexander Cruz-Hernandez, Yusuf Hersi, Binyame Samuel*

Personal Financial Management
7th Place – Dylan Hewitt-Berry*
5th Place – Haven Papineau*
3rd Place – Queen Dancy*
Region Champion – Kennedy Smith*

Fundamental Word Processing
7th Place – Jomiloju Adeniran*

Advanced Word Processing
Region Champion – Jenny Salvador-Hernandez*

Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
2nd Place – Daniel Camacho*
Region Champion – Jazzman Willis*

Legal Office Procedures
Region Champion – Cristina Llamas-Gonzalez*

Administrative Support Team
Region Champions – Nylan Brown and Myra Christian*

Business Law & Ethics
2nd Place – Hiawan Negussie*
Region Champion – Ariela Mejia*

Network Administration Using Cisco
2nd Place – Cameron Davenport*
Region Champion – David Adesanya*

Fundamental Desktop Publishing
2nd Place – Kollin Sweeney*

Graphic Design Promotion
2nd Place – Brian Alcalde*
Region Champion – Myra Christian*

Digital Media Production
Region Champion – Abdul-Martini Olaletan*

Global Marketing Team
3rd Place – Alejandro Cazarez-Rivera, Julia Salazar Moran, Ashley Serano*

7th Place – Jordan Moreland
6th Place – Naliah Lange
4th Place – Juan Hernandez
3rd Place – Kailynn White*

Small Business Management Team
2nd Place – Daniel Lopez, Ailym Soto-Sequeda, Matthew Vargas*

Interview Skills
6th Place – Kailynn White

Advanced Interview Skills
4th Place – Abdul-Martini Olaletan
3rd Place – Ailym Soto-Sequeda*

Human Resources Management
6th Place – Queen Dancy
5th Place – Arianna Aguilar
2nd Place – Jayla Wilson*

Prepared Speech
9th Place – Adeleke Adebogun
6th Place – Jayla Wilson

ICD-10-CM Medical Diagnostic Coding
Region Champion – Dayanna Alvarez*

Health Administration Procedures
4th Place – Sidney James*
2nd Place – Dayanna Alvarez*

Financial Math & Analysis (Open Event)
3rd Place – John Castillo Flores

Digital Marketing Concepts (Open Event)
2nd Place – Adeleke Adebogun

Diplomat TORCH Recipients
Dayanna Alvarez
Naomi Escamilla

Region 8 Jason Hendrickson All-Star
David Adesanya