Recycling efforts led by Avid


Makalyn Favors

Math teacher Sarah Shannon leads the school recycling program.

Chelsea Hughes, staff writer

The happiest day of the week for Sarah Shannon is recycling day.

“I like that we are able to help keep the school clean while helping the envionment,” said Shannon, this yaer’s coordinator for the school recylcing program.

Shannon has been an Avid teacher for eight years. This is her first year being an AVID coordinator, so this is also her first year in charge of the BD recycling program.

Seniors are the only Avid students who work with the BD recycling program, with four senior classes that have rotations.

“It makes me happy to see the school clean,” she said.

Currently, only paper is being recycled by Avid and pickups occur weekly. Teachers are encouraged to recycle paper in recycling bins in their classrooms. Since we do go through a ton of paper, recycling is the best way to get rid of some of it.

 Staff and students can always help out by doing that one extra step of making sure papers go in the recycling, and nothing else. Shannon does want to try to get a way for plastic recycling, but that will also be a lot more work.

“We do go through a lot of plastic water bottles, with plastic recycling that will have to be dumped out a lot more frequently,” she said.

Make sure to do your part with recycling and keeping the Earth clean and a healthy environment.