September brings awareness to suicide


Nadia Rivera, staff writer

 Million of people die every year by suicide. In fact 132 people die every day.

Exactly one in 5,000-15,000 people die by suicide every year. In America 47,000 Americans died by suicide since 2019. That’s more than the amount estimated. There was also an estimate of 1.38 million suicide attempts in the U.S since 2019.

Not only that but suicide is the 10th most common cause of death in the U.S.  The suicide rate in the U.S went up by having the rates go from 5,000-15,000 to 13.930-100,000 people die a year. 50.39% of suicide deaths were accounted by firearms.  

 In adults the rage of suicides seemed higher between the ages of 45-54 years old. Around 19.60% of adult suicide rages from the ages of 55-64 years old. 20.12% rages from the ages of 85 years and older.

The average age for young adults is from the ages of 15-24 years old that had the suicide rate of 13.95%. The most common suicide method is with the use of firearms, which is about 50.39% and 23,941 cases. The next most common method is by suffocation and hangings, which comes at 28.55% and 13,563 cases. The last most common method is poisoning and drug overdose, which comes at 12.89% and 6,125 cases. 

 As for suicide attempts there isn’t a complete count in the U.S since every day the data is changing but with the data we have right now there has been around 575,000 suicide attempts each year. Around 8.9% of those people are from the grades 9-12.

There has been studies where it’s most likely a teenager in high school will attempt suicide or have died from suicide. A lot of this is because of the stress and pressure schools put students under. A lot of the times these students get so overwhelmed that their solution is suicide. They rather commit suicide then to see the disappointment from their friends, family and teachers.

A lot of the times the leading cause that contributes to suicide is isolation and feeling like a burden. During the pandemic a lot of people have either attempted suicide or they have died by commiting suicide due to isolation. Being alone and having no one to talk to can really affect your mental health. At times people don’t want to speak up because they think people are going to think they are attention seeking. They also don’t want to feel like a burden to others. 

 At times they don’t want to speak up because people think mental health issues make them weak. When in reality it should be taken seriously. Your mental health should matter and it should be talked about. Sometimes your own mental disorders can cause you to commit suicide. There has been studies that show that having a schizophrenia and bipolar disorder can lead you to commit suicide. Having mental health issues like this should be talked about because it can cost you your life. 

 Not only is that one of the main reasons people commit suicide but cyber bullying also has it’s fair take in this. When teenagers are being bullied they find it difficult to seek help and to talk to someone about what’s going on. This feeling of being trapped and feeling hopeless only gets stronger when you are being cyber bullied. Not only is the bullying going on in person but on the internet as well. If you see someone getting bullied in any way you should help the person and save them before the bullying gets even more out of hand. 

 Being abused at home is also one of the main reasons people commit suicide. Having an abusive parent at home is something that twenty people per every minute have to deal with. It’s hard trying to seek help when you’re in that situation. They constantly have to feel like they can’t talk about the problems that go on at home. If you see signs that someone you know is being abused at home or in a relationship please seek help by calling the Indiana coalition against domestic violence at 317-917-3685. Please help the person who is in danger before they either commit suicide or before their abuser kills them. 

Grieving about a loved one’s death can make you feel like you have no reason to live. The thought of not being able to see that person ever again makes you want to lose it.

It is truly one of the hardest things any human can ever go through. It can cause major pain that can even lead to someone committing suicide. In general you may not know if someone is thinking of commiting suicide. Studies recommend you to check up on your friends, family, and loved ones to see how they’re doing. If they open up to you and tell you what’s going on with them you can help them by calling the National suicide prevention lifeline at 800-273-8255. Just by talking and helping a person who is suffering can prevent them from taking their own life. 

 In honor of suicide prevention month Indiana is having an Out of the Darkness Walk to honor those who survived a suicide attempt and those who we lost. They will be having that walk on September 12, 2021. It will take place at the White River State Park celebration plaza. Registration is from 9:30 am – 10:30 am. A bead ceremony will begin at 10:00am and the open ceremony will begin at 10:30 am. The official walk will begin at 11:00am. Remember you matter. You are not alone. You are also not a burden and things will get better.