College visits can open your eyes

Scheduling them is more detailed than it looks

Mariangel Morales, Page Editor

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere but for some reason you can’t?

Maybe that’s a situation had happened to you before, but sometimes type of problem has a solution. If you’re a senior or junior, you’ve certainly started the process of deciding what you want to do after graduation.

One of your options may be go to college for a more thorough education. However, in order to do that, one of the things that needs to be done is to visit the universities or colleges.

Perhaps visiting universities is not so easy for some people. However, the school offers the opportunity to visit some universities or colleges at no cost. At the beginning of the year college counselor Y.A. Perez announced this opportunity, because although the organization is not simple, he acknowledges that the visits are a good benefit for some students.

The process is not so simple. First, the budget is reviewed to see what is available during the school year, and then he makes a list of possible universities to visit according to the interests of the students.

Then, a request is made to the university with the possible dates for the visits and the confirmation of the universities is expected. Based on the confirmations, budget and interests of the students, decisions are made. After finishing that process, students are made aware of the options.

But while the efforts of school staff are many to organize such visits, there are more interested students than seats available.

“It’s fair for students to choose just one visit” says Yairam Aguiar-Perez, better known as Y.A. Perez. That’s why it’s important for students to think twice before deciding where they want to go.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity,” says school counselor Katherine Wanek, who a few months ago had the opportunity to go with some students for a visit on Marian University campus.

Wanek thinks it’s an opportunity to learn a lot on that visit and now she can share that information to guide others.

In short, visiting universities that you consider applying is important as you don’t really know what you want until you see all the options with your own eyes.

You can’t be sure you want to go to a big university until you’ve attended a university with a large university population and one that’s considerably smaller, because you’ll only know in what environment you feel best. Without a doubt, visiting the universities with the school is a good step with which to start your search.