National Eat Outside Day

Food and Fun!


Hayden Cohrs, Staff Writer

Grab your friends, furry pals, family, and get ready to have a picnic because August 31st is National eat outside day. This is your guide for foods to bring and fun activities to do on your picnic. The first thing you want to do before you get ready to go, is to find a place to have your picnic. Some parks with picnic areas are Krannert Park, Riverside park, Garfield park and Thatcher Park, but you could always lay a blanket down in your backyard.

The next thing you would want to do is gather the food you will need for your picnic. So, grab some ziploc baggies or tupperware and get to packing your delicious foods. Some of the best foods to take on picnics are sandwiches, chips, fruits, veggies and some sort of small dessert, like cupcakes or brownies. Be sure to bring some drinks as well, like bottles of water, tea and lemonade, or some cans of soda.

Then, after you get everything packed, you’re going to want some fun activities to do, because staring at your phone the whole entire picnic isn’t enjoying nature. Enjoying the world around you is something you should do on a picnic. Fun activities that are easy to take on the go are, frisbee rounders – (It’s like baseball but with a frisbee),  the classic egg toss, the game where you throw the egg to a partner and see how far you can step back without dropping the egg, but instead of an egg use a ball or frisbee. Hide and seek,two truths and one lie, capture the flag and a water balloon fight.  

Most importantly be sure to stay safe on your picnic and have fun!