New year, new school

Summer renovations coming to Ben Davis


Evelyn Sanchez, News editor

Ben Davis will be updating their look while students and staff are out for summer vacation. There will be multiple new advancements added to the school.

The school will continue changing all tile floors to terrazzo and updating the look of classrooms. A Hall classrooms have already received the new renovations from new paint to new wallpaper. Other halls will be updated this summer.

“It is a ten year plan so we continue to chunk areas of the building to get the updates.” Ben Davis Principal Sandra Squire said.

The publications room of X109 will undergo several changes this summer, some that will match the new collaboration tables recently installed in the Cyber Cafe.

The student publications classroom’s dark room and kitchen will be turned into a new room while furniture will be updated to be more efficient and comfortable.

“Collaboration stations will not only be added to X109, but the Cyber Cafe too. The media center is a long term project.” Squire said.

Soft seating will be added throughout the media center and later on, in the commons.

These are just some updates to look forward to when coming back after summer vacation.