It’s time to think about health

What to do to prevent colds, flu and allergies


Austin Davidson

School nurse Danielle Chin takes the temperature of a student. Health officials urge prevention as a way to stay healthy,

With school back in session and fall in full swing, it also means that allergy and flu season is also around that corner.

With allergy and flu season, there are a lot of germs that spreads all over the place. Although you can’t prevent allergies, there are ways that you can prevent from getting sick.

“Make sure to wash your hands after sneezing or coughing,” school nurse Peggy Geoghegan said.

When you cough or sneeze you’re getting germs all over your hands so that’s why it is important to wash your hands after coughing or sneezing. There are lots of ways that you can do to help prevent yourself from getting sick.

First, way to prevent from getting sick is to make sure that you cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. When you cough or sneeze it’s important that you cover mouth because when you cough or sneeze germs can spread more than 100 feet and get to places that you wouldn’t even imagine.

Another reason to prevent yourself from getting sick is to limit touching your face. The reason why you should prevent from touching your face because your hands are full of germs from touching things every day, then touching your face will cause you to start breaking out on your face. Then, you start to get sick because of the germs that are on yours hands from all the things that you touched all day.

Another reason why it is important to cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing is because you don’t want to get other people sick.

Whenever you cough or sneeze it is contagious and you give a 50/50 percent chance of them getting sick. Another, way to prevent from getting sick is that you get plenty of sleep.

“It’s important that you get lots of sleep, at least eight hours of sleep,” Geoghegan said.

Our immune system was made to help fight colds, flu, and any other illness, but a lack of sleep increases your chances of getting sick. That’s why it’s important to lots of sleep especially kids our age.

Also, make sure that you plenty of water. Its shows that you’re supposed to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. When drinking water it keeps your body hydrated and helps your immune system to fight germs to help prevent you from getting sick.

Another reason why to drink water because it helps your body function better. Water also helps with keeping you healthier and fights off any germs that come to the immune system. It also is important to eat lots of food and have a balanced diet.

The reason why food and having a balance diet can help you from getting sick is because research shows when you eat the right kind of food groups it helps your body function. Also, with the nutrients that’s in the food it helps fight off the germs and any other illness that in your body.

There are specific foods that can help you from getting sick. For example, chicken soup. The reason why chicken soup can help from getting sick because not only is chicken soup is a delicious snack, but it also helps prevent congestion and inflammation throughout the body.

Another way to help prevent you from getting sick is to stay away from sick people. Sick people carry thousands of germs and they could give them to you.

Especially if you have a family member that’s sick it’s important you don’t eat or drink after them. When you finish with anything that you have made, make sure that wash it. Also, make sure that you disinfect everything after someone gets done with anything so that you don’t get sick.

Another, thing to remember is that when comes to avoiding sick people is that you make sure that after you use anything after someone’s used it and they’re sick is make sure you disinfect or wash it when they’re done.

Finally, go to the doctors and go get a flu shot. The reason why it’s important to go get a flu shot is because when getting a flu shot it helps from getting the symptoms when it comes to getting sick. It is really important to get a flu shot for young children and the elderly because they are the ones who really need it the most because their immune systems aren’t as strong to fight off the germs that are in their bodies.

Nothing guarantees that you will not get sick, but following these tips will help prevent most illnesses.